10 Photos to Capture on Your Wedding Day

When it comes to your wedding, you will want your photographer to document the day as a whole, but there are a few key moments that you will want to make sure you capture. Here are the wedding photos that should be taken, no matter what style of wedding photography you opt for.


1. Getting ready



While you’ll want photos taken once everyone is dressed up in their finery, it has become a much-loved tradition to have photos of the wedding party getting ready. This period of the day is great for candid shots and potentially humour as the excitement for the day ahead begins. It also allows for some more intimate moments between close friends and family members before they are surrounded by other guests.


2. The first pictures in your wedding outfits


Once everyone is ready, a classic photo opportunity is the first picture of each of you in your respective wedding outfits. These photos are sure to be treasured and it’s also a chance to get some great shots of the bridesmaids, groomsmen or parents as they react.


3. Pictures of you arriving at the venue



Another type of wedding photo that should be taken is the wedding party’s arrival at the venue. This allows you to capture reactions from the guests as they see the couple arriving, as well as pictures outside the venue to capture the excitement pre-wedding. 


4. First kiss photos


Once the vows have been made, the first kiss is a moment you will want immortalising, so much so this is one of the wedding photos most couples choose to put up in their homes. So make sure to go in for a proper snog rather than a gentle peck on the lips!


5. A confetti picture as you exit the venue



One of the most iconic wedding photos is the confetti shot. It will take a little setting up, but your wedding photographer should be able to handle it. As you exit the venue, your guests will throw confetti over you, resulting in some wonderfully colourful photos full of joy. 


6. Shots of you as a married couple


For most of the day, you will be surrounded by guests, so it is a good idea to take some time and have some photos on your own as a newly married couple. These may be taken at the venue, or you may choose to go on an isolated walk to incorporate some natural elements.


7.Posed group shots



No matter what style of wedding photography you opt for, posed group shots after the ceremony are always a good idea. These photos may include the wedding party, parents, extended family, specific friend groups and any others you like. Pets can feature here too!


8. Pictures of the venue


While the venue will feature in your photos, you may want to get some photos that feature it as the subject, both for your own recollection and to give some context to your wedding album. This will also be helpful for those who can’t make the event in person.


9. Photos during the speeches



The wedding speeches are sure to evoke lots of emotions, whether those are happy tears as a result of moving words or raucous laughter following a joke. These photos provide a unique opportunity to get these reactions that might be difficult to anticipate at other points in the proceedings. 


10. The first dance


The first dance is another wonderful moment that can produce both some fantastic photos of you as a couple and also some emotional reactions from your guests. After this, you can let your hair down and just enjoy the evening’s festivities!



Your wedding photographer will know what wedding photos should be taken to give you the most complete coverage of your special day. 

A reportage wedding photographer is a great option because they can combine these traditional shots with candid photos that really capture the mood of the day.