Photographing a wedding at Pynes House was always on my wishlist and being able to record Jet and Louisa’s wedding there was really something special. Just starting the day there with its amazing windows and light that illuminates everything beautifully really set the day off with a bang.

Jet and Lou are two of the warmest people I’ve had the good fortune to work with and every aspect of the day reflected that warmth. I don’t think I’ve seen as many smiles in one day as on that day in August.

Wedding cars are always a lot of fun but on this day I got to play with the fleet of cars Jet and his family have restored and built from scratch. Seeing a restored VW camper, a Spitfire and a home built beach buggy rocking up at a venue will be a sight I won’t forget in a while!

Also when someone asks you if a confetti cannon during a first dance is a good idea – just say yes!