Being a wedding photographer in Devon doesn’t mean I only take photos in the south west. I love to travel and for Alice and Max I made my way up to Barnack in Lincolnshire to photograph their wedding.

The day started with one my favourite parts of a wedding day – bridal prep. There’s a lot of fun to be found in the final stages of getting ready to be married. From hair and makeup to nervous laughter all the way through to the way a mother looks at her daughter; it’s one of my favourite parts of a day.

Alice and Max are both wonderfully creative people and their day was a reflection of that. It was full of little touches that tell the story of how they came to be there together. From Alice’s amazing two piece dress to the subtle matching hair accessories and the wonderfully personal table centres the day was full of details. Capturing them alongside the portraits and events of the day really help bring it all together later on in the album.

It also gave me a good chance to play with wedding photography and rain storms – not something I normally hope for on a wedding day but it lets us all play!