Weddings are about you

Two of you taking the time to tell the world that you're both in it together. So I figure you might want to know a bit about this guy who will be spending pretty much the whole day right by your side.

I’m Ant and I’m there to tell your story. I live in a wonderful part of the world called Devon, in the southwest of the UK, in a cottage with my wedding stationery designer wife Harriet and our rescue husky Kala. When I’m not taking your photos I’m either walking in the hills with Kala, taking product photos or more than likely planning an epic new campaign for some Dungeons & Dragons – I’m a bit of a nerd it turns out!

Before all of this I used to work for the BBC in Bristol making major shows like Countryfile and Springwatch. I loved telling the stories of the people we filmed at the BBC and when I left I wanted to keep telling stories about people. The people we know, the people we love and the person we want to be with forever define us and our story. I can’t think of a more beautiful story to tell than the one about your wedding.

I’ve lived and worked in the UK countryside most of my life and that careful, considered and natural approach to life has transferred over to the images I take and how I take them. Life in the countryside, like a wedding and my approach to photography, keeps going no matter what. I’ll be with you from the moment the day starts until the end capturing it all.

my style

I like stories. Telling them. Witnessing them. Even photographing them. My aim with photographing your wedding is to capture the day as it happens so I can tell your story. By capturing the real moments as they happen without getting anyone to pose or work through a list of Pinterests Top 100 wedding shots.

I’m there from the beginning of the day with those last few preparations through to the time people are being carried off the dance floor. I want to see it all so that I don’t miss a beat. I like to be in amongst it getting those in the moment reactions and become part of the crowd. It’s all about taking the day in stride with a relaxed approach and making sure a sense of fun carries through the whole day.

The only time I might ask you to stand anywhere specific is during the couple’s portrait session. As a rule I like to go for a quiet walk away from the party and photograph the two of you just being you. I might encourage a couple of quick poses here and there but mainly it’s all about you. You and some stunning pictures to look at in the years to come.

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