What is Reportage Wedding Photography?

If you are planning a wedding that you want to be documented, then you will likely be looking to hire a photographer. When searching for a photographer, you might have come across the term ‘reportage photography’, but what is reportage photography and is it the right choice for your event?


What is reportage photography?

Reportage photography, sometimes known as documentary photography, is a photo-journalistic approach that is all about capturing the story of the day or event, rather than having people pose for staged shots.


Reportage photography is often thought of as a storytelling approach to photography because it captures images in a narrative fashion. It is also considered one of the most artistic approaches to wedding photography, dedicated to capturing beautiful, candid moments.


A natural approach

One of the reasons people opt for reportage photography is because it produces natural images. Reportage photography often involves capturing the natural reactions and emotions of those present at the wedding or event.


Reportage photography is a lot about capturing guests within the context of the wedding day, providing pictures that serve as more accurate snapshots of the day than staged photos.



How do reportage photographers get the best shots?

Despite the natural approach of reportage photography, the execution isn’t as simple as the photographer snapping away as the day unfolds. A good reportage photographer takes time beforehand to familiarise themselves with the day’s itinerary, the lighting, and the layout of the venue to work out where to get the best shots and when they need to be there to capture important moments, such as the first dance or cutting of the cake.


Reportage photography is all about capturing the best moments without having to ask anyone to pose or change positions, so the photographer must know where they need to be and when to capture those candid moments perfectly.


Is reportage photography right for your wedding?

Reportage photography is an increasingly popular style of wedding photography, and for good reason. Some of the shots achieved through a reportage style simply wouldn’t be possible through traditional posed photography, and the style really helps to capture the atmosphere and emotions of the day, preserving those memories for a lifetime.


It is important to note, however, that even if you want reportage-style photography for a wedding, you can choose to have some important staged photos as well, such as group photos of the wedding party or portraits of the bride and groom.



Benefits of reportage photography


  • More relaxing for guests – Reportage photography is very much a hands-off approach that allows the couple and their guests to relax, without having to spend time being organised and posing for photos.
  • More candid – Reportage photography is great for capturing the touching and funny moments alike, as the guests may not know they are being photographed. It is hard to replicate these authentic moments with posed photos when everyone is trying to look their best.
  • Less intrusive – With reportage photography, the photographer is able to blend into the background of your wedding day, taking up less of everyone’s time and allowing everyone to absorb themselves in the festivities.
  • Creates more vivid memories – Because of the natural moments that are captured through reportage photography, it is easier to be transported back into that moment and feel those emotions again when looking at the photos.


Now that you know what reportage photography is, do you think it might be the right choice for your wedding? If you are looking for a photographer to shoot your wedding and preserve your special day, then you can take a look at my portfolio or get in touch.