What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing a photographer to capture your wedding is not a decision to be taken lightly, but meeting with potential photographers can be difficult if you don’t know what to ask. If you’re wondering what to ask a wedding photographer to determine if they’re the right fit for you, we’ve put together some example questions. 


1. What do you love about photographing weddings?


This question is great to ask a wedding photographer because it will show how passionate they are about what they do. You want the person capturing your special day to be someone who cares deeply about photographing weddings and will work diligently to capture images that tell the story of your union. 


2. Can we see some examples of your work?


One of the biggest determining factors in choosing a wedding photographer should be the quality of their work. Asking to see a wedding photographer’s portfolio is a very typical request and allows you to see whether they have shot weddings in a similar style to what you envision for your own.



3. What information do you need before the wedding day?


A good wedding photographer does more than just turn up and start taking photos, they will do research beforehand to ensure they are well equipped to tell your story on the day. As such, they will need a little more information than just the time and location of the wedding. They may want to know the details of the venue, the day’s itinerary, and more information about you as a couple and any important guests you will have in attendance.


4. When will we receive our photos after the wedding?


There’s always a little bit of wait time after your wedding before you receive your photos, but if you have plans for them, such as blowing them up to make prints for your house or putting together an album and gifting it to the members of the bridal party, then you will want to know when you can do this. Some photographers may be able to give you a selection of the key photos before the full set is available, so you can ask about this too.



5. What format will we receive the photos in?


As well as asking when you will receive the photos from your wedding, you should also ask what format the photos will be delivered in. This may be negotiable if you have a preferred file type for digital photos. Some photographers may also be able to provide hard copies of your chosen photos, which saves you from having to arrange to print them yourself.


6. How do we secure our date?


The final question to ask your wedding photographer, if you decide that they are the right fit for you, is how you secure their services for your chosen date. In most cases, this will mean needing to pay a portion of their fees as a deposit. This is so that they can reserve that day in their schedule for you without fear of loss of income in case anything changes.


Now that you know what to ask your wedding photographer, you can start arranging meetings with potential candidates! If you need more of an idea about what to ask, you can also view my FAQs.


Remember that the choice of photographer is personal to you, and you should opt for someone who you connect with and you feel can create images that will accurately tell the story of your most special day.


If you are looking for a reportage wedding photographer who can capture all the special moments from your day, you can view my portfolio or get in touch for more details.